Monday, February 1, 2016

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Adapting Singing Time to Multiple Intelligences

Children learn different ways. Some children can learn a new song by just reading words. Others need some pictures or perform actions to really learn a song. And, still for others, these ideas may not be very effective. So, we are going to explore the different ways people learn. You may even find out the best way YOU learn.

Multiple Intelligences is a theory proposed by Howard Gardner, an American developmental psychologist. His theory suggests that our intelligence is contingent upon different abilities. We learn best through different means and not all by the same mean. 

The theory outlines eight abilities: 

Verbal- linguistic
Visual- spatialLogical- mathematical
Musical- rhythmic and harmonic
Bodily- kinesthetic

Let's go more into depth with each ability. The following diagram is a good summary.

You may already know what type of learner you are by looking at the chart. You may be a combination of these abilities. Primary is made up of many different types of learners. So, how do we adapt Singing Time to these different types of learners? 

Here is a chart I created with some popular Singing Time teaching methods or ideas that coincide with the different abilities. I hope this is helpful when planning your next Singing Time lesson.
If you have any comments or ideas to add to the list please feel free to share. 

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  1. Such a good topic. Thank you for sharing the charts. So helpful!


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